Hellenistic Far East Bibliography

The Hellenistic Far East Bibliography is maintained by Professor Rachel Mairs, University of Reading (ORCiD).  This site provides access to the original bibliography publication (Mairs 2011), along with updates.  All publications are available as free PDFs to download.

I aim to keep the bibliography as up-to-date as possible.  If you know of any relevant publications on the archaeology of the Hellenistic Far East which are missing from the current bibliography and supplements, please do let me know and I will include them.  Notifications of new publications also very welcome!

Contact: webmaster@bactria.org


3 thoughts on “Hellenistic Far East Bibliography

  1. Thank you for this and your book, although I must confess I only just got the book this morning. I loved introduction lines about reading Tarn’s ‘Greeks in Baktria and India’, when you were supposed to be writing about something else. Good, it does not just happen to me then


    1. Dear Colleague,
      It’s a really good surprise to discover the site you created about bibliography of Hellenistic Bactria. I’m myself involved in Bactrian archaeology and I very much appreciate your effort to maintain an up to date bibliography for our students, and even for scholars like me.
      Good luck !
      Pierre Leriche


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